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Automotive anti monopoly guide next year to release parts into the adjustment category

12/15/2015 9:45:10 PM

Sina Automotive News (Lin Yanzhong from Beijing) "car antitrust guidelines will be released next year, the introduction of a department may not but a higher level of ministries and commissions under the state council." Automotive Repair Association parts working committee secretary general Wei Tongwei in the recently held car worry free network promotion on the landing of homogeneous parts told Sina car.

Spare parts distribution into the category of anti monopoly

The latest news earlier, at a press conference in early November, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau deputy director Lu Yanchun said publicly that the auto industry antitrust guidelines draft has been completed, which means that the document may already be too far.

"Automobile antitrust guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the guide) to be introduced has been much concern in the industry, since 2014, a number of car companies including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, has a monopoly on suspicion of being punished in China, and the system is closed parts of Hitachi, MITSUBISHI electric, fujikoshi 12 suppliers due to manipulation of product supply price is Chinese impose huge fines of $1 billion 235 million commission.

The "guide" not only will the new car sales specification, circulation and management of spare parts will also be included within the file scope. All along, the domestic auto parts market, on the one hand is a roadside shop of low quality fake, the other is the original parts 4S shop price high.

One of the reasons for this situation, is the car prices on the 4S shop accessories Monopoly control. For reasons for management and control of profit two, car companies often do not allow their system the original spare parts outflow, once found 4S shop accessories reselling to the system, will be severely punished for dealers, and the 4S store itself construction and operation cost is high, the sale price of the parts will naturally be a stand high.

A controversial parts of antitrust is that parts suppliers pre development costs in large part by the vehicle factory in advance payment or after amortization, a similar processing relationship in a certain sense, if allowed to drain parts outside the system, will naturally hurt before period has invested a lot of R & D cost benefit car factory.

In this regard, the NDRC Anti Monopoly Bureau's attitude is very clear, that car prices should not limit the authorized dealers, service providers outside the mining parts right, should not limit accessories manufacturers, authorized service providers the right to export parts.

Hope to get rid of the old pattern of interests of homogeneous parts

The roadside repair shop, because the upstream parts information cannot achieve full traceability, naturally unable to distinguish between various types of non original pieces of high quality quality, low price and easy purchase more sales of accessories will become as it should be.

"There may be upstream to you for the goods, there are 2 pieces of genuine 10 pieces, the other is fake, but the roadside shop doesn't recognize the truth or falsehood." Car free network founder Chen Wenkai believes that one way to overcome this drawback, is to promote the homogeneous parts information can follow, quality certification.

According to the "announced in August 8th this year, the Ministry of transport on Amending the provisions on the administration of motor vehicle maintenance decision" (hereinafter referred to as the "decision"), which is equivalent to the quality of the products of homogeneous parts or higher loading parts standard requirements, and has good loading performance parts. The "decision" clearly put forward the "prop repair party, maintenance operators can use the homogeneous parts repair vehicle."

However, the policy is only the starting point of homogeneous parts in the final landing, in the promotion process will face many problems.

First of all, promotion of homogeneous parts will inevitably challenge the host plant for auto repair parts monopoly, which led directly to the current situation of 4S shop maintenance expensive accessories. At the same time, a single or a few specific accessories OEM suppliers will also face other parts production enterprises. Vested interest enterprise how to deal with the challenges, 4S stores will use homogeneous parts, still can make nothing of it.

Secondly, in the homogeneous parts authentication stage, how to ensure the spare parts enterprises to actively participate in the system, how to carry out the encoding of homogeneous parts of homogeneous parts, ensure homogeneous parts quality can be traced back to, what kind of standard parts suppliers to ensure the constraint solving is homogeneous, entry-level car accessories brand suppliers can obtain luxury car brand product homogeneity the age of the vehicle parts production qualification, automobile old products how to obtain homogeneous parts to support the latest etc., is the basis for promotion of landing to homogeneous parts.

In addition, in the circulation level, how to make consumers accept the homogeneous parts as soon as possible, and the reality of high profits in counterfeit parts, how to make homogeneous parts through the layers of obstacles, to reach the hands of consumers, and allow consumers to easily identify the authenticity, directly affect the market performance of homogeneous parts.

In fact, the problems facing the homogenization of accessories are connected, in the existing pattern of interests, in addition to the consumer service, the main current power, including maintenance accessories dealers and manufacturers are not advancing homogeneous parts. Therefore, to change this situation, we must break the existing pattern of interests, open from homogeneous parts business to consumer distribution channels, through institutional and technical means to eliminate the use of fake and shoddy products, in order to completely solve the "4S shop accessories expensive, independent repair shop accessories fake", eventually landing homogeneous parts.

10 early this year, the Ministry of transport and other eight ministries jointly issued the "automobile maintenance technical information disclosure management measures", the way the release of clear car producers should use online information disclosure, public sales of vehicle maintenance technical information obligation, as the homogeneity clear homogeneous parts certification technical barriers.

As the automobile maintenance industry association to assist the government supervision of the industry, also in the water through the introduction of the business enterprise, try to get rid of spare parts market monopoly and promote the interests of market participants, the innovation of auto parts circulation mode, car worry free network became the first e-commerce site homogeneous parts business qualification.

The automobile maintenance industry association wants to use B2C and O2O and other new models for certified homogeneous parts from the enterprise directly to the user, or directly into the repair shop for assembly.

At the same time by means of Internet technology, enhance consumer convenience, security identification of homogeneous parts, then has the market and the expulsion of fake and shoddy products. In order to let parts enterprises see homogeneous parts market potential and realistic interests, actively participate in the homogeneous parts system

Third party maintenance and improved the quality assurance and customer service, will 4S shop maintenance services in direct competition, and forced the latter to reduce parts prices, improve service quality, to participate in the final homogeneous parts system.